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This library of PDF documents is available for you to download and print as necessary. These Charter Downloads and useful links aim to provide you with as much information as you may need on as many topics as we can. If however you cannot find what you need, or you want to talk to somebody in more depth about any of the issues raised on this website, please either pick up the phone or complete our Enquiry Form and somebody will get back in touch with you.

ACOA: The adult child of the addict (or addictive family system)

Describing the profile of the child who grows up in a family of active addiction, explaining how it affects and shapes that child, and the importance of attending to this traumatic beginning in life.

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Anger, resentment & rage
Knowing how to get angry in a healthy way is vital so that anger becomes an asset not a problem. This workshop helps you to develop assertiveness and manage the important differences between anger, resentment and rage.

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Anxiety & stress
Anxiety is a form of fear that can cause stress, and can lead to panic attacks. This explains ways you can better manage your anxiety and the value of therapy.

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This is a form of eating disorder that involves binging and purging, either by being sick or by using laxatives or exercise with life threatening consequences, but we can help.

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Codependency checklist

Some questions to help you decide if you are a codependent.

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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is on the rise, in both our youth and parent populations: here are some of the facts.

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The emotional aspect of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue and ME is a viral disease that also has a psychological dimension that is too often missed. Recovery is possible if you treat the mind, body and spirit, and early intervention is key. High risk for those who do not manage stress well.

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Families and their influence

Family lies at the core of how we interact socially and how we feel about ourselves. Unwittingly it is also where addiction often takes root, profoundly undermining the confidence and safety felt in that family. It is vital for families to get help too.

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Group therapy – an overview of our services

It is common knowledge that group therapy is the most effective treatment for addiction not least because it fractures the isolation. Here is an overview of what to expect.

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Internet, gaming & social media – a guide

When the use of gaming, social media and internet takes over your life it may be an addiction. This explains how to recognise this behavioural addiction and what to do next.

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This explains the overeating eating disorder where a desire to numb out feelings using food causes profound shame and significant health problems. We do understand, and we can help.

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When you hurt yourself when you feel hurt, or internalise your pain as you don’t want to show it, you are at risk of beginning a pattern of self harm that can be hard to stop.we can help you and your family to gain recovery.

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This is a very important emotion that can cause real problems if you don’t properly understand and manage it, and is a central part of the focus of the work we do at CHARTER.

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Signs of drug addiction

This is a very helpful guide to the signs to look for when you are worried you might be facing drug addiction.

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What is addiction

Addiction, depression, anxiety, dependence…no one wants to be an addict so we avoid the diagnosis. But early intervention works – so please read this guide to this misunderstood, and very dangerous human condition.

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Alcohol addiction

This explains how alcohol abuse can develop into alcoholism, the dangers of withdrawal and the importance of intervention and alcohol treatment

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Anorexia Nervosa is a life threatening illness when a person restricts what they eat to control how they feel despite terrifying consequences of weight loss and an inability to see that and eat healthily again.

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Behavioural addictions
Some behaviours become addictions, such as gambling, food, or sex and love. This explains how behavioural addictions are just as dangerous as chemical addiction.

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Explaining this pattern of overt care taking that can leave you feeling hurt and misunderstood, codependece needs gentle and careful handling to encourage a full recovery.

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Conflict & communication

This underlines the importance of how you represent yourself maintaining your dignity and respect in a conflict.

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Eating disorders treatment

This gives you a brief outline of what to expect when seeking treatment for an eating disorder like anorexia, bulima or overeating.

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This talks about when over exercising becomes a problem, causing injury and isolation, and how to seek help.

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An introduction to one of the most powerful addictions that is hard to intervene on as it hides in plain view.

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The importance of managing divorce & separation

Divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Counselling can really help with communication, airing what is going on as it happens, making decisions you can live with, and getting you through this difficult time together, whatever the outcome.

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Obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD

Here is an introduction to OCD which can take many forms like counting, creating order, checking. What they all have in common is an overwhelming desire to feel in control of being safe because of a deep feeling of fear. We can help with that fear.

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Relationships are what being human is all about, and sometimes we don’t feel we are very good at them, or want to explore how we are in them. Its a skill to have good boundaries, communication and be able to love, and we can teach that skill.

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Sex & love addiction

Sadly many people feel ashamed about their feelings and behaviours in love and around sex. But these are a central part of being human and whole. Learning how to understand yourself is an exciting first step towards healthy intimacy.

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Shopping & shoplifting

When you have to buy something to feel better, and later feel fear and shame; or if you feel compelled to steal, these may all be signs of deeper psychological issues that you can heal if you give yourself the space and time.

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Thinking about parenting…

Being a ‘good enough parent’ places us under tremendous pressure as we stretch ourselves, sometimes beyond what is reasonable. This is a reminder of what is important, why and how.

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Work addiction

When work becomes who you are and without it you feel you are nothing, when you feel constantly under pressure but cannot delegate, when you often work for longer than you had planned, you may be a work addict, and we can help.

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Vertebrae of recovery

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Useful Links

If you are struggling with addiction yourself or within your family the following 12-step fellowships are free and provide a worldwide support network for people wanting to give up a negative coping pattern and reclaim their life. You have nothing to lose and all to gain…

BACP (accredited counselling and psychotherapy website, find a therapist)



UKCP (accredited counselling and psychotherapy website, find a therapist)

12 step anonymous fellowships:

Adult Child of the Alcoholic Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous (London)

Codependence Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

Families Anonymous

For the families & friends of alcoholics

Gamblers Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics

OCD Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous (main eating disorder fellowship)

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sex and Love Addict Anonymous

Underearners Anonymous

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