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At CHARTER we run regular Counselling Workshops focussing on areas of common difficulty like anger, shame or childhood experience so that you get the intensive leg-up you might need to get ‘unstuck’.

If you are interested in CHARTER’s Counselling Workshops please complete our Enquiry form or call us on 020 7323 4970.

Life changing workshops

The therapists on CHARTER’s team have been handpicked by Mandy Saligari from clinicians she has known and worked with over the years. The confident, well-trained, experienced and compassionate team will provide an extraordinarily respectful and intimate therapeutic experience that can give you the insight and support you have been looking for.

The work achieved in these intensive workshops is second to none, working in small groups and focussing entirely on one area of experience. People often describe these workshops as ‘hugely enlightening’, ‘life changing’ and ‘a breath of fresh air’ and we know its true as we can see the difference. We encourage you to explore whether you would benefit from attending as we know our workshops are good value and a fantastic experience.

Anger Workshop

These Counselling Workshops provide an introduction to anger as a valuable core emotion that deserves care and respect so it works for you, not against you.

Cost £450

Freedom from Shame

A workshop to help you gain a deeper and more compassionate view of your experience of shame, and how to distinguish shame from guilt. You will leave feeling lighter, clearer and inspired.

Cost £450

Parenting from Within

An intensive 2 day workshop based around Pia Mellody’s model of ‘Survivors’. The workshop focusses on letting go of disturbing childhood experiences that can profoundly and negatively affect you as an adult and prevent you from feeling happy, intimate and safe. Over an  again people describe this workshop as ‘life changing’.

Cost £1,150

Proactive Parenting

A simple framework developed by Mandy Saligari to teach parents how to provide an emotional environment for children to safely mature. The workshop provides education, support and advice, challenges enabling habits, and introduces ways to behave around addictions and other difficult behaviour.

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JT (grateful addict – day care)

What makes Charter so special is the way Mandy works with the rest of the team, especially Clare in Tertiary, to create a complete picture of what you need and where you’re at on an almost second by second basis. I felt seen and heard. This made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take in group to get properly well; the risks I’d spent a whole life avoiding.

ED (wife & mother)

I found the drama triangle and boundary work really useful and consequently I don’t ever feel that I am running on empty. I am kinder to myself. I have the tools now to avoid the pointless circular arguments and accusations that seemed to be an inevitable part of family life, consequently I am happier.

Maggie (Day Care)

Charter gave me my first real glimpse of freedom of my addiction and the will to face another day free of fear. Every single therapist brought their own particular stance into the rooms, and there was as much laughter as tears.  We were all led by Mandy Saigari, the bravest and most intuitive people I have ever met. I can only say thank you.

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