Aftercare is without doubt the final piece of the puzzle in a successful recovery journey. If you want sustainable recovery we strongly recommend that you commit to a structured aftercare programme for at least the first year following treatment.

It’s a great group where people in early recovery meet each week to touch base around difficulties, share successes and gain direction, fellowship and support from peers and from the facilitator to reinforce their new way of life.

If you are interested in Charter’s weekly Aftercare group, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 020 7323 4970.

‘Those who did not participate (in aftercare) were ten times more likely to return to seriously harmful behaviour within one year’.

Matheson et al, 2011


Charter’s Aftercare Programme runs weekly, and is available to Charter clients as well as to those returning from treatment elsewhere or those already in recovery wanting extra support. Facilitated by Lysa Kelly whose work has a strong relational focus and aims to help clients realise their full potential in early recovery.

Not to be confused with therapy groups or 12-step meetings, Aftercare offers a unique opportunity for you to share your thoughts and feelings with other people going through the same process. It is an abstinence based group that supports you to commit to the discipline of recovery, find help getting comfortable in meetings, express pent up emotion in a supportive environment, reality check and allow early intervention and relapse prevention.

Working from your discharge report from treatment, Charter’s Aftercare team are committed to working with you to develop a manageable care plan.

Sessions take place every Wednesday evening via Zoom, and admission details are available on enquiry.

Advantages of joining Charter’s Aftercare Programme:

  • Preferential access to the comprehensive Workshop programme.
  • Introduction to the Fellowship – we can advise you on meetings and provide you with contact details for a recovery mentor.
  • You gain access to Charter’s recovery support programmes for ongoing support, top up and intensive relapse prevention at preferential rates.
  • We can refer you for counselling and psychotherapy (individual, couples and family) for adults and children.
  • We work collaboratively with London’s leading consultants and practitioners and are well placed to advise and refer you according to your needs.

It is widely known that a structured aftercare commitment makes all the difference to your success rate of a sustainable and enjoyable new life in recovery – at Charter we support you to go all the way!


I made the call, listened and got to work. It was the best call I ever made. Charter shone the light on the darkness and made it a safe place for me to step out into the light. With courage, honesty, and compassion, I now show up for life every day, I now show up for me every day.

I am so very grateful to all of the team at Charter. They are professional, they are fun, and most of all, they really really care!


The work is comprehensive, searching and at times, uncomfortable. But it's absolutely necessary. My advice to anyone struggling with addiction who's thinking about going is very simple.

Do it. Throw in the towel. Get yourself into group, open up, get honest.



The Living Well Programme immediately cut right to the core of my issues and I started to soften and develop as an individual. At times it was painful, but at always I felt held by the programme.

I did not feel just like a number. The care and the attention of the whole Charter team never faltered. The main therapists are phenomenally skilled and the group dynamic was supportive, yet challenging. I have made connections and friendships I expect to last a lifetime.


Charter gave me my first real glimpse of freedom of my addiction and the will to face another day free of fear. Every single therapist brought their own particular stance into the groups, and there was as much laughter as tears.  I can only say thank you.


What makes Charter so special is the way that the team work together to create a complete picture of what you need and where you’re at, on an almost second by second basis. I felt seen and heard. This made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take in group to get properly well; the risks I’d spent a whole life avoiding.

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