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Established 15 years ago – affordable, effective treatment – personal approach – secure and experienced team – ONLINE

Grounded in 15 years of clinical excellence, Charter has developed an effective online programme supporting you to recover from addiction from anywhere in the world. Based on Mandy Saligari’s innovative approach, Charter focuses on you: strengthening you to let go of your need for a short term fix, we will help you to reclaim your life and step into your potential with confidence and kindness.

Therapist, author and co-founder of Charter Harley Street

MSc, BACP (reg), SMMPP, NCAC (accred)


I am passionate about intervening on self-destructive behaviours through promoting honest communication, kindness and curiosity.  I also know how to effectively treat addiction and welcome the opportunity to help you.


To contact Mandy, email info@charterharleystreet.com


Who We Are

Charter Harley Street because that’s where we launched London’s first private outpatient programme treating addiction in 2008. 15 years on we have let go of our offices and work almost exclusively online, with some opportunity for in person sessions or bespoke intensives in your home.

The team

We have known and worked with each other for many years, some since 2010, and these relationships provide a secure foundation for transformation. The respect and familiarity we have for how each of us works is a huge benefit to the client as it provides a multi-disciplinary perspective and opportunity for targeted referral within the team. All clinicians are well-versed in the Charter model (see Mandy Saligari’s book: Proactive Parenting, Amazon), trained and insured in standard approaches (i.e. psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, existential) with further training, experience and accreditation aligned with their own clinical interest e.g. attachment, Internal Family Systems, core process, EMDR, Somatic Experience, Art Therapy, 12 step, CBT.

Online Therapy

“When Covid hit I was unsure if online therapy would be effective and even safe. But like every other industry we had to adapt as we had clients who needed the help; and I have been astonished at the results. Zoom provides an intense kind of connection that is an opportunity for a close intimate experience, one that delivers results I didn’t anticipate. You choose a safe place to settle into the session, take time without travelling feeling vulnerable as you process, and you meet a broader group community from all over the globe. I am immensely proud of my team who have proved to be exceptional at forming connections over zoom, and more to those of you who chose to trust us from a distance, who allowed us to help you work through your blocks and trauma, and to gain sustainable recovery from addiction – all on zoom. You have inspired me to continue to work with people from all over the world by committing to providing innovative treatment and therapy online… it works.”

Mandy Saligari


See Mandy’s Tedx talk and other videos

How can we help?

Charter Harley Street
15 Harley Street
London, W1G NQQ, UK

020 7323 4970

Or let us know when we can call you.

Addiction Treatment

We approach addiction as a pattern of self-medication: ‘using something to cope with how you feel, but to the detriment of yourself’.

The first step is to become abstinent so that you can find out what is going on underneath.  Change that, heal that, and the addiction loses its power.

Feelings are what we have the most of and know the least about:

handle them or they will handle you


16+ Treating addictive processes including drugs, alcohol, toxic relationships, codependence, food, gambling, self harm, work, screens…motivating you into long term recovery


A vital resource for anyone wanting to make recovery a way of life. A popular and lively weekly group that supports early recovery, friendship and an appetite for life!


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

THERAPY FOR Young people

Working alongside the family to ensure maximum support, we intervene on addictive behaviours with substances, food and self-harm by focusing on breakdown of communication, sleep and self-care.


Psychotherapy, addiction counselling or trauma therapy (EMDR) to address emotional and relational difficulties (stress, anxiety and depression) in a safe and calm setting.


An extraordinary opportunity to hear each other and make changes if you choose . Useful for communication difficulties, co-parenting, intimacy and trust issues, traumatic events, divorce & separation.


Working with the family dynamic and individual experience to address communication difficulties, parenting issues, stress, behavioural patterns.


If you would like to book an appointment, or to find out more about our treatment options and other services available please contact us here at Charter by following the link below:

Read Mandy Saligari’s book detailing her approach available on Amazon:

Proactive Parenting: Help your child conquer self-destructive behaviours and build self-esteem.

A book with really helpful insights… we should all read knowing that we can make a difference.’
Dame Benny Refson, DBE President of Place2Be

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