Outpatient programme

You can attend the Living Well Programme before or after rehab as it is focussed on abstinence and promotion of self esteem

If you are interested in CHARTER’s Living Well Programme please complete our Enquiry form or call us on 020 7323 4970.

Living Well Programme

Taking place over 2 days on a Tuesday 10am-3:30pm and on Wednesdays 12noon-4pm for 6-12 weeks, alongside individual therapy and/or EMDR, the focus of this programme is to strengthen your recovery process so you:

  • feel increasingly confidant and in better esteem
  • enjoy the discipline of good self-care and benefit from the motivation that follows
  • be better able to effectively communicate with humility and curiosity
  • commit to your recovery plan
  • develop healthier relationships both professionally and personally
  • reclaim responsibility for your life

The Tuesday morning groups are led by Mandy Saligari and in the afternoon Aftercare’s Louise Perry focuses on the 12-step fellowship, answering any questions, providing inspiring introductions and clarifying any concerns. This also enables a seamless transition to Aftercare, a popular, longer term evening support group.  Wednesdays are facilitated by Mu’Dita Farrell, with a focus on a more intimate process.  

Cost: Tuesday £350pd; Wednesday £250pd 

Both Mandy and Mu’Dita have over two decades of experience of treating addiction and will carefully adapt each week to meet individual need, always maintaining keen attention on the core characteristics of addiction, the impact of addiction as a family condition, relapse prevention, promotion of the discipline of self-care, healthy handling of shame and anger, strengthening identity and fostering self-worth.

The main addictions we work successfully with are drug and alcohol (we provide random drug and alcohol testing to support continuing abstinence), relationship breakdown, intimacy difficulties and love addiction, eating disorders (including food planning), codependency and gambling.

We have also had significant success treating depressive disorders and persistent low mood, anxiety, stress and burnout.

The programme is adaptable to the needs of those attending so that it is always relevant. The first step is assessment, and care pathways are reviewed and updated each week. Attendance at the fellowships is recommended for those in addiction recovery, and we encourage our clients to undertake individual, couple, family therapy or EMDR (as appropriate) alongside the group programme to make the most of this transformative opportunity. This can be with a therapist of their choice or one recommended by Charter, to make the most of this transformative opportunity. We also provide advice on therapy dedicated to family members and partners.

We strongly recommend you read Mandy Saligari’s book ‘Proactive Parenting’ to help you as a parent, or to learn how to better parent yourself in your recovery journey with us at Charter

JT (grateful addict – day care)

What makes Charter so special is the way Mandy works with the rest of the team, especially Clare in Tertiary, to create a complete picture of what you need and where you’re at on an almost second by second basis. I felt seen and heard. This made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take in group to get properly well; the risks I’d spent a whole life avoiding.

ED (wife & mother)

I found the drama triangle and boundary work really useful and consequently I don’t ever feel that I am running on empty. I am kinder to myself. I have the tools now to avoid the pointless circular arguments and accusations that seemed to be an inevitable part of family life, consequently I am happier.

Maggie (Day Care)

Charter gave me my first real glimpse of freedom of my addiction and the will to face another day free of fear. Every single therapist brought their own particular stance into the rooms, and there was as much laughter as tears.  We were all led by Mandy Saigari, the bravest and most intuitive people I have ever met. I can only say thank you.

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