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Expert therapist, Mandy Saligari, is the co-founder and clinical director of Charter, which was set up in 2008 as the first outpatient clinic solely specialising in private addiction treatment. Charter remains one of London’s leading treatment facilities for addiction.

Expert therapist, Mandy Saligari, is the co-founder and clinical director of Charter, which was set up in 2008 as the first outpatient clinic solely specialising in private addiction treatment. Charter remains one of London’s leading treatment facilities for therapy and addiction treatment.

Mandy’s first contact with the world of addiction recovery was when she came into treatment herself in 1990, when working as a TV producer. Over the following years, Mandy made the transition from patient to therapist, undertaking apprenticeships, group work, interventions, lectureships, and eventually taking on clients, earning herself a reputation for clinical excellence, delivering thorough recovery outcomes.

25 years on, and specialising in individuals and families affected by broad-spectrum addiction and addictive processes, Mandy is a highly respected and established expert – passionate about helping people live healthy, happy, addiction free lives and preventing addiction running through families and society.

Mandy is a regular contributor to press and television. Her book Proactive Parenting is due for release in February 2019, she has completed three series of ‘In Therapy’ and one season of ‘Violent Child Desperate Parents’ both for Channel 5.  Mandy is passionate about dispelling the myths surrounding addiction and mental health and is a compelling public speaker. 

Public Speak & School Talks

Mandy is a well-known spokesperson on family, relationships and addiction. Interested in  early intervention, Mandy prioritises the family, explaining how to foster communication that is motivated by dignity and self-respect. Using anecdotes and real life examples, interspersed with clinical experience, Mandy’s talks are engaging, highly informative and give specific tools to the audience, leaving them well-resourced, and with a fresh perspective. To discuss booking Mandy Saligari, please contact the office via

Media/Press & TV

Mandy Saligari is an experienced broadcaster having worked with national TV and Radio networks, together with contributing to print and online outlets. Her expert opinions, coupled with an authoritative voice, make her a natural choice for broadcasters needing a professional yet personal and engaging opinion on addiction, parenting and relationships. Relaxed in front of a camera, and with a clear and distinct way of expressing herself to an audience Mandy finds it easy to captivate the viewer, or reader, bringing clarity to sensitive issues. To discuss booking Mandy Saligari, please contact Jadeen at John Noel Management


‘She hit the nail on the head! There is so much healing from childhood wounds that this TED Talk provides’

‘This is the best advice I’ve ever had. She’s got me pegged. A map that tells me just why I am how I am, and what I can do about it’

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In Therapy reveal the UK’s best known celebrities as never before, with unprecedented access to the private lives and personal crises as they undergo intensive therapy with Mandy. In a bid to understand who each celebrity really is, Mandy explores every aspect of their pasts: troubled childhoods and love affairs, infidelity and divorce, abuse and addiction, obsessions with fame and media courtship, the brutality of bankruptcy and career catastrophe. Filmed via a fixed camera rig, this series combines the privileged intimacy of the therapy room, with interviews from closest family and friends.

Daniella Westbrook VIEW »
Gemma Collins VIEW »
Kerry Katona VIEW »
Coleen Nolan VIEW »


After the success of the first series more celebrities find themselves on the couch with Mandy. To be aired during the first part of 2017 another 4 films which include Lauren Goodger & Danielle Lloyd.

Lauren Goodger VIEW »
Danielle Lloyd VIEW »
Callum Best VIEW »
Nikki Grahame VIEW »


In this ground-breaking documentary series, Mandy takes on some of the UK’s most violent and difficult children, trying to figure out what makes their behaviour so extreme and how to handle it. Mandy’s brand of therapy focuses on her belief that no child is ever beyond help, however bad their behaviour has become. She believes that the problem is never just the child, but the family dynamics in which they grow up. So she is determined to tackle the behaviour but also to challenge the family dynamics to ensure the change lasts.

9 year old Jack
8 year old Jordan
9 year old Harry

Read Mandy’s book detailing her approach available on Amazon: Proactive Parenting: Help your child conquer self-destructive behaviours and build self-esteem

‘A book with really helpful insights… we should all read knowing that we can make a difference’
Dame Benny Refson, DBE President of Place2Be

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