A simple framework developed by Mandy Saligari to teach parents how to provide an emotional environment for children to safely mature.

The workshop and groups provide education, support and advice, challenge enabling habits, and introduce ways to behave around addictions and other difficult behaviour.

the book

‘proactive parenting:

help your child conquer self-destructive behaviours and build self-esteem’ 

Take a proactive approach towards your child’s mental health and discover how to have the conversations that will be life-saving and life-changing.

The pressures faced by children and adolescents today are unprecedented, and the corresponding statistics around poor mental health deeply alarming. Behind every mental health issue, from addiction to ADHD, lies a host of underlying problems that need addressing but as a worried parent it’s hard to know where to focus. What do you do if your child struggles with anxiety? Is self-harming? Has developed an unhealthy relationship with eating, exercise, technology or alcohol?

Proactive in approach, top addiction therapist Mandy Saligari provides the tools to help you identify and address the self-destructive patterns of behaviour, to stop them in their tracks. Her practical framework reveals how you can adapt your own behaviour and equip your child to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and self-esteem.

‘This book will change how we bring up our families’.

Simon Woodroffe OBE 

‘A book with really helpful insights… we should all read knowing that we can make a difference’.

Dame Benny Refson, DBE President of Place2Be 

‘Mandy is a like a surgeon for emotions. Through my work at Big Change, I know it’s easier to grow a strong child than fix a broken adult and early prevention is key to breaking negative cycles … I highly recommend this book’.

Sam Branson, co-founder of Big Change

‘The book gives guidelines and positive structures that can aid complicated, delicate and personal situations … an incredibly useful source to have as a parent’.

Jude Law



Wednesday 1.30pm  3pm via Zoom


The group follows the principles outlined in Mandy Saligari’s book. It runs for 13 weeks and is a closed group.

Mandy Saligari will take you through the key areas of her book, answering your questions and helping you to understand how to apply her experience to your personal circumstances.

With a focus on what you can do as a parent to reclaim respectful control and develop better communication with your children, no matter the age, in order to intervene on or prevent the development of addiction. This work often also significantly improves relationships with partners as well as at work.

Mandy will explain in detail:

  • How you can recognise and challenge the 15 manifestations of addiction in a constructive way.
  • Learn the way to avoid this destructive relational pattern, but also how to step off when you find yourself in it.
  • How to develop healthy communication around anger.
  • The difference between boundaries and rules and how important it is to deliver a message from a position of self-esteem.
  • How to reinforce your own sense of value while fostering self-esteem in your child.
  • The influence of modelled behaviour and presence of family roles.
  • Codependency – healthy and unhealthy helping (some people go on to attend the Wednesday morning codependency group following this Proactive Parenting book course).

This group will allow you to look at yourself as well as your family so that if they are unwilling to change, you can anyway, making a huge difference to your quality of life.


Wednesday mornings via Zoom


Facilitated by Mandy Saligari, this group focuses on self-care and how to care in a healthy way for someone you love. With a focus on codependence, participants are usually family members of people suffering from self destructive behaviours and/or addiction. Whether you’re worried about someone and feel you just cant get through to them, perhaps your loved one is in recovery, in treatment at Charter or elsewhere, or still in active addiction, there are things you can do to gain a sense of peace and control.

Taking that time for yourself is the first big step towards reclaiming your life, for yourself and for those around you.


This group will help you focus on better understanding your own history so you can in turn better appreciate the part you may have played in your current circumstances, and therefore what you might wish to change, and crucially, how. Promoting self-care, teaching healthy helping and constructive communication, you will rediscover how to maintain dignity and respect in the face of stress, conflict and manipulation.

Codependency will be explained and explored, dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaviour will be unravelled, new patterns inspired and common thinking such as ‘you can only be as happy as your unhappiest child’ or ‘if you’re ok, I’m ok’ will be challenged. Although the codependent is often ‘the fixer’ they can be plagued with indecision and self-doubt when it comes to making decisions for themselves, instinctively pulled to put their needs last, suggesting an absence of self-worth, which is a priority for us to work on in this group.

Addiction doesn’t only affect the person ‘using’, it is a family condition and everyone pays a price. By return, you don’t have to wait for the identified addict to accept help to start making changes, and this is where this group can really make a difference.

Each week you will have the opportunity to take some time to explore something that you are thinking about or struggling with which can then be reflected through the group experience and using the Proactive Parenting framework. Although the framework is a parenting approach, just as powerfully it can be internalised as a reparenting process for you too.


I made the call, listened and got to work. It was the best call I ever made. Charter shone the light on the darkness and made it a safe place for me to step out into the light. With courage, honesty, and compassion, I now show up for life every day, I now show up for me every day.

I am so very grateful to all of the team at Charter. They are professional, they are fun, and most of all, they really really care!


The work is comprehensive, searching and at times, uncomfortable. But it's absolutely necessary. My advice to anyone struggling with addiction who's thinking about going is very simple.

Do it. Throw in the towel. Get yourself into group, open up, get honest.



The Living Well Programme immediately cut right to the core of my issues and I started to soften and develop as an individual. At times it was painful, but at always I felt held by the programme.

I did not feel just like a number. The care and the attention of the whole Charter team never faltered. The main therapists are phenomenally skilled and the group dynamic was supportive, yet challenging. I have made connections and friendships I expect to last a lifetime.


Charter gave me my first real glimpse of freedom of my addiction and the will to face another day free of fear. Every single therapist brought their own particular stance into the groups, and there was as much laughter as tears.  I can only say thank you.


What makes Charter so special is the way that the team work together to create a complete picture of what you need and where you’re at, on an almost second by second basis. I felt seen and heard. This made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take in group to get properly well; the risks I’d spent a whole life avoiding.

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