Tanya Refson facilitates an in-depth group experience dedicated to women who have come to Charter, either for themselves or as part of a family seeking help, education and support.

If you are interested in Charter’s Women’s Group Therapy Programme please complete our enquiry form or call us on 020 7323 4970.

Tuesday 5:00 – 6:30pm

Limited Numbers

Programme Description: This Women’s Group Therapy will help you place your difficulties into perspective, so that you can consider what is going on in your life in a confidential and supportive setting. It is a group where you can air your anxieties and frustrations and gain useful insight and feedback from others. Being able to treat yourself with dignity and respect is vital for self-esteem and for health, and this group aims to guide you towards that, through compassionate acceptance of yourself. Supporting you in exploring what it is to be a woman in the world today in your many roles as wife, mother, as an in-law, sister, daughter, professional; as a person.

As women are often the primary caretakers, there will also be an emphasis on exploring your own experience of giving and receiving nurture and love, your relationship with yourself and with others, intimacy, co-dependency, self- care, healthy conflict and anger, boundaries and effective communication.

Structure: The Women’s Group sessions are held weekly online on Tuesday evenings at 5-6:30pm. The sessions are paid 4 weekly in advance with a suggested commitment of at least 3-6 months to gain the most benefit from the experience.

Please note that we are running a full service online due to Covid-19 until further notice. Please call the office if you have any queries.


I made the call, listened and got to work. It was the best call I ever made. Charter shone the light on the darkness and made it a safe place for me to step out into the light. With courage, honesty, and compassion, I now show up for life every day, I now show up for me every day.

I am so very grateful to all of the team at Charter. They are professional, they are fun, and most of all, they really really care!


The work is comprehensive, searching and at times, uncomfortable. But it's absolutely necessary. My advice to anyone struggling with addiction who's thinking about going is very simple. Do it. Throw in the towel.

Get yourself into group, open up, get honest.

As Mandy would say, 'get some skin in the game'.


Charter gave me my first real glimpse of freedom of my addiction and the will to face another day free of fear. Every single therapist brought their own particular stance into the groups, and there was as much laughter as tears.

We were all led by Mandy Saligari, the bravest and most intuitive people I have ever met. I can only say thank you.

J.T, grateful addict - OUTPATIENT PROGRAMME

What makes Charter so special is the way Mandy works with the rest of the team to create a complete picture of what you need and where you’re at, on an almost second by second basis. I felt seen and heard. This made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take in group to get properly well; the risks I’d spent a whole life avoiding.

E.D - wife & mother

I found the drama triangle and boundary work really useful and consequently I don’t ever feel that I am running on empty. I am kinder to myself. I have the tools now to avoid the pointless circular arguments and accusations that seemed to be an inevitable part of family life, consequently I am happier.

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